by Jacob on March 7th, 2013

We're Not In Kansas Anymore...

We are very happy to announce that The Regal Cinema will open its doors to the public on Friday 15th March!

With our deadline swiftly approaching the pace has picked up here at The Regal. The auditorium has become populated with seats and the screen has been constructed. The walls are now covered in glorious purple and black deco-cord, an acoustically treated fabric that will bring out the best in our top of the range 7.1 surround sound system. The new 25ft screen is then framed by beautiful, fully functioning, crushed velvet curtains in a throwback to a golden age of cinema. In a matter of days our clutter of tools and debris has been turned into luxurious auditorium. Things are starting to appear finished.
Less noticeable but no less significant events have also happened; we have hot water for the first time, the ladies loo has been tiled and grouted and even the plants on the balcony have been given a sprucing up.

Of course, anybody who has been in town in the past few days will no doubt have noticed our beautiful new sign. Lots of people have been stopping by to take photographs and to share their kind words; we hope the interior changes will earn us the same response.
In the foyer of the cinema, hammers and chisels have made way for computers and laptops; this has let us update our website and finalise our first monthly programme which has gone to press. The website now includes a ‘How It Works’ page which will help guide new customers through some of the changes that have been made to the way The Regal works – it’s definitely worth a look!

We’re delighted with the content of our first programme; there are so many great films. We have some Oscar winners and indie films, along with an all-time classic and a great French film. The programme will be released to the public on Saturday 9th and bookings can be made from one o’clock that day. See the ‘How It Works’ page for more details on opening times and booking times.
As a result of the completion of the first programme we have finally been able to post out membership packs to those patiently waiting for their cinema to reopen. The packs will include your membership cards, your free tickets, the first of our monthly brochures and an invite to a special preview screening so you can see your beloved cinema before anyone else.

Thanks to everybody who’s taken the time to read these blogs for the past few months, we look forward to seeing you when we open!

by Jacob on February 15th, 2013

I Feel The Need, The Need For Speed...

We have made great progress at The Regal, ideas and concepts that were discussed in November are now reaching their conclusion, often not exactly how we planned but always with the same attention to quality we've put in to every part of the cinema. We're still waiting on the screen and the projector so it's easy to get caught up in all the renovations and forget that it will be a place to enjoy films in the not-too-distant future.

The article in The Melton Times on Wednesday hinted at a few films that we will soon be showing and now we're happy to announce a few more here on the website - just check out our new 'Coming Soon' page. There will be many more films in our first monthly programme but you'll just have to wait a bit longer for that to be released - and of course our members will get it delivered a little early!
It’s quite chaotic at The Regal at the moment but it's the kind of chaos that results in a lot of gut decisions, the kind of decisions that will give the cinema character, personality and charm! For example, Bryony has been designing our auditorium doors and the tables for our sofas-for-two for our fantastic joiner to create and they are looking really good.
Mixed in with a few snap decisions, some long awaited choices and designs have now come to fruition. The new display fridges and appliances have arrived, along with our bespoke popcorn boxes. It's all very exciting and we were very happy to receive a visit from our seat manufacturers who showed us a sample of the drinks guard for all our seats.
There is some bad news, however, we are disappointed to announce that there will be no disabled access.  We have found that we are unable to make adaptations to the building in order to make the cinema accessible. We are very sorry to those who will not be able to enjoy The Regal Cinema. 

Other disabilities will be catered for in the best way that we can, we will have infrared headphones for those with hearing difficulties and audio description available for the visually impaired. Carers will also have free entry to the cinema.

We will also be making it as easy as possible for less able-bodied people to get up the stairs. The stairs will be well lit by LED lights at floor level and high contrast nosings, and the handrail will meet modern standards with good support to hold on to. We are a little way off but work has begun and will be finished very shortly...
Looking forward, the carpets are arriving Monday and work on them should be finished by Friday. This of course means that the whole place needs another clear before the carpets arrive. Most of our time seems to be spent clearing up these days!  The foyer and bar area is almost complete and painting has begun. The original windows in the foyer are looking fantastic - even without the remaining work they will receive. 
We are now taking applications for front of house staff and cleaners. We are looking for part time staff that are friendly, enthusiastic and will look forward to coming to work at The Regal. Please just email your applications to or post them through our letter box. The last day to apply is February 22nd and anybody is welcome.  Please follow the format requested on our previous blog – we don’t want CV’s - we want personality!
And last but definitely not least, to our members… we are currently booking the films for our special member preview screenings and we hope to provide a choice of three films of different genres. These will be detailed in an invitation that you will receive in the post towards the end of February or in the first week of March. The first monthly brochure, your membership cards, your free tickets and a little introduction to the way The Regal Cinema works will arrive with you in the post around the time of the preview screenings so you will be able to book for the remainder of the month when you arrive.

Keep checking back here at as we will be explaining how the cinema will work on a day-to-day basis and announcing an official opening date very soon.

Thank you to all of our members and to the people of Melton Mowbray for your support and blind faith in us! We hope to make you proud of your local cinema once again. Not too long now...

by Jacob on February 4th, 2013

Help Us Make The Regal Special!

In anticipation of our grand opening in March we need front of house staff to help us make The Regal a special place.  We are looking for enthusiastic and dedicated individuals who understand the importance of customer service.

If you are interested in joining us please write and tell us a little about yourself and include:

 - Your favourite film and why.
 - Your most memorable customer service experience, where it was and what made it so special.
 - A little about you, what you enjoy and the things you do!
 - Your availability - what days/evenings you can or cannot work.

Email your application to:

Or post to:

Jacob Mundin
8 King Street
Melton Mowbray
LE13 1XA

The deadline for applications is Friday 22nd February with interviews taking place the following week.

We look forward to hearing from you!

by Jacob on January 24th, 2013

The Fast And The Furious...

It's been a cold few weeks in Melton Mowbray but don't feel too sorry for us, we had the air conditioning and heating system fitted and set up just in time - our builders almost like coming to work now!
The biggest progress since our last blog has come in the auditorium; the first drops of paint were lovingly applied by Bryony last week - it was a nice reminder of how far things had come in the few short months we've been on site, and a frightening reminder of just how much decorating there is to do before we reach our deadline in March.
As the paint dries, the last pieces from the old auditorium are removed; the screen and curtains. They are making way for a slightly bigger screen which will be pushed back and lowered to give everybody's necks a rest whilst magnificent new curtains will tower from floor to ceiling.
The rake in the auditorium is now finished and the difference it will make to the legroom is amazing- even with our new bigger, comfier seats! The walls are going to be covered with a new acoustic fabric that will make it very cosy and we are scouring the internet for original art deco light fittings - we have found five but need nine...fingers crossed we find the others!
The new seats should be signed for this week - they are being made especially for us and we can't wait to see the final sample. We have also met with the sofa company and they have given us some great ideas which we think you will all love for both the sofas-for-two in the auditorium and the sofas in the foyer.
Speaking of the foyer, the new bar is in place and we are having the original windows repaired as they are beautiful but need some TLC to make them work properly - they were previously behind the box office but a little rearranging has really made them a focal point of the room. Once the windows are done we will be ready to paint, add the bar fittings and appliances and add the carpet - very exciting!
In other news, we have a target in mind for our opening date and will confirm it very soon, before then we will be hosting special preview screenings for members as a way to say thank you for all those who have shown great faith in joining before we have opened. Information on these dates will be sent to you in the not too distant future, we are due to book films and times soon. Membership packs will also arrive soon, we are currently programming the cards and fine tuning our system so everything runs smoothly for you. Please remember that joining as a member has some great benefits but is optional - we will be open to everyone.
We've been on the BBC news a few times since the last blog and hopefully will be again when they follow up the with the opening. Like us on Facebook for short updates and info on when we will be featured on the BBC.
Finally, we will be recruiting soon - keep an eye out for news on this. We will be looking for a number of part time staff and will post here on the blog, Facebook and on Twitter when we are ready to receive applications.
Thanks and see you all soon!

by Jacob on December 18th, 2012

Hi Ho! It's Off To Work We Go!

It's been a busy time at The Regal. We've stripped out and emptied the foyer, auditorium and toilets whilst a motley crew of builders follow after us turning paper drawings into wood, brick and plaster. The auditorium is showing the most progress; the height and depth of each row of seating has been altered to create perfect sight lines to where the new screen will be and we can now walk in our new gangway, which will separate our luxury area and the sofas-for-two from our lovely purple seats.
Elsewhere in the cinema - the current ladies loo (and future gents!) has been opened out to create a little more manoeuvring space whilst a vacant room above the foyer is now part way to becoming the new, spacious ladies loo and powder room.
The foyer is very much a work in progress but the unveiling of the third large, original window has added a lot of much needed natural light to the place and it won't be long before the air conditioning is up and running, with the auditorium following closely behind.
Amidst the chaos that was the removal process, we did some maths.
We now have our ticket prices available for you - don't forget to deduct the £1.00 off that you will receive if you're a member, and be sure to use your free tickets on the luxuries!
Concession (Child/Student/Over 60) - £5.00
Standard Adult - £6.75
Luxury Seat - £8.00
Sofa-For-Two - £16.00

Please note that Concession prices will not apply to Luxury or Sofa seats but there will be no time restrictions so your discount will apply to all shows.
We attended The Victorian Market a few Sunday's ago and were thrilled that we were able to speak to so many enthusiastic people! Thank you to everyone who stopped by and took a leaflet, and an even bigger thank you to those of you who were inspired to buy a membership - every penny will go towards improving your cinema for opening day. Next year we thought it would be nice to end the day with a classic Christmas film, we think we'll let our members decide which one - although I'm hoping for It's A Wonderful Life!
Following the Christmas Fair, the BBC came to film progress inside The Regal for a broadcast in the New Year and then filmed at The Ritz for a feature on the resurgence of cinema which was shown about a week ago. The phone at The Ritz hasn't stopped ringing and now lots of our Belper audience will be coming over to visit Melton Mowbray (and vice versa we hope!) The feature really captured the essence of what The Ritz is and what we want The Regal to be.
We'd like to finish by announcing that the cinema will be re-opening towards the end of March. See you there, and until then have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

by Jacob on November 22nd, 2012

A Beautiful Friendship

Lots and lots has happened since our last blog – we finally got our hands on the keys, it’s amazing how long it takes for the legalities to be finalised but we got there in the end and have signed a 15 year lease – we are here for the long haul!
This didn't stop us from getting on with things, however - but we'll get to that later.
Firstly, to our new members, thank you so much for joining us, it's great to know we have your support and we look forward to welcoming you through the doors for our opening preview screenings! Thank you to the Save Regal Melton group for turning out in their numbers on a dreary Friday night  - it was good to meet you, answer your questions and get some of our own answered in return!
So, what have we been doing?
We're lucky enough to have a fantastic  cinema architect and have spent a lot of time perfecting what the new auditorium and foyer spaces will look like. We've made our final decisions and we couldn't be happier! The contractors have all been out with their tape measures & notepads and soon they’ll be  back with hammers and chisels!
We have already started clearing the auditorium and have made final decisions on seating - the 'standard' seats will be wider, deeper, more comfortable and will have much more legroom. We will also have two of rows of luxury seats - the model we're going for is called 'The King', so they'll fit in with the theme of The Regal!  The final, and our favourite, type of new seating is the sofas; they're lovely two seaters that can be shared by couples or good friends and they'll make you feel right at home!
There will be plenty of other surprises and revelations along the way but the bit we are most excited about has to be new facility to show live performances of Ballet, Opera and other live events directly from the best and biggest theatres all over the world onto the big screen here in Melton (and it's something we don't have at The Ritz so we just can't wait!).
I'm sure some off you will have seen us around in The Melton Times, Eye 103 and on BBC East Midlands but in case you missed any of that it was all summed up in a radio interview with BBC Radio Leicester:

Amongst all of the media coverage and presentations and cleaning (so, so much cleaning...) we have been thinking of our members and can reveal our designs for the membership cards:
We hope you like them!

The most bizarre happening of the week - the request that Queen Victoria reside in the entrance of the cinema for the duration of the Victorian shopping day! We've heard all about the Victorian day and it sounds like great fun so come and have your photograph taken with Queen Victoria and we'll all be there so please come and say hello!
Where better to end than at the beginning?
We received a wonderful letter from Neil Merryweather (son of the previous owner of The Regal, John), here's a snippet:
‘May I offer my congratulations and best wishes to you and your family. I know my father had a lot of admiration for what you had achieved (and continue to achieve) at Belper, and he would be enormously pleased the old building remains independent and in such good hands.’
‘You must be enormously proud of your achievements and I know that Melton eagerly awaits with the hope that some of the same magic dust gets sprinkled there. They are good people who are loyal and supportive and see the cinema with a great deal of affection.’
It's great to know we have the support of everybody around us, not too much longer to wait now.
There is a lot more going on soon and we will update the blog as often as possible – please keeping checking in!

by Regal Cinema on October 30th, 2012

Episode IV: A New Hope

The near future in a market town not too far away…

Since the doors closed in July we’re sure you’ve all been wondering what’s happening to The Regal – we are delighted to tell you what is happening!
We are The Ritz Cinema in Belper, Derbyshire and we’ve been open since 2006. When we found The Ritz, the doors had been closed for fifteen years; like many cinemas, there had been a steady decline in attendance following the rise of the multiplex and the cinema just couldn’t sustain itself any longer.  The town was sad to lose their cinema and when we proposed a re-opening people were extremely excited and behind us all the way!  After several years of planning and a six-month refurbishment, we opened the doors to a very enthusiastic and supportive audience - since we opened we have shown films to over 300,000 people!
Our audience is amazing, all we wanted was to bring our passion for cinema to our local town and with everyone’s support we’ve managed to do just that!  But please don’t just take it from me, here’s what everyone else thinks:
We want to bring The Regal back to its former glory and have a thriving, cultural centre in Melton – we have found here that The Ritz has added to the lively buzz that’s already in the town.  Whenever we mention Melton to anyone, they without question say two things, “Beautiful place Melton” and “Pork pies”! We want to add a third, “Fantastic cinema”! 
We aim to have the doors of The Regal open again in early 2013 and between now and then we will be working on a complete refurbishment of the interior and talking to you about what you want your cinema to be.  The next step will be to invite you all to a meeting so we can talk about what’s going on and to introduce ourselves properly.  We can’t wait to meet you all and hope that we’ll be able to give you a cinema to be proud of and that people will talk about all over Leicestershire or even in the whole country! (The Guardian listed The Ritz in their top ten cinemas in the UK so maybe we can add The Regal to the list!)  
Keep checking back, whenever we have something new to tell we’ll post it here, sometimes it will be a little and sometimes it will probably be too much!
We are so looking forward to coming to Melton – As Bogart once said, “I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship” (And yes, we probably will show Casablanca as one of our classics!)



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