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Below is information about films playing this month. Arranged in alphabetical order.
10th June - 8:30pm
11th June - 7:30pm
12th June - 8:15pm
13th June - 8:00pm
14th June - 6:00pm
15th June - 6:00pm

​Director: Ridley Scott.
Starring: Michael Fassbender, Billy Crudup, Katherine Waterston.

When the crew of the colony ship Covenant touch down on what appears to be an uncharted utopian planet on the far side of the galaxy, they make a harrowing and deadly discovery. With regular cinematographer Dariusz Wolski on board, Scott delivers the goriest chapter in the Alien franchise to date, recapturing the unsettling, claustrophobic horror of his 1976 masterpiece.
9th June - 5:00pm
11th June - 5:00pm
12th June - 6:00pm
15th June - 8:30pm

​​Director: Christopher Menaul.
Starring: Jenny Seagrove, Julian Kostov, John Hannah.

Winston Churchill infamously refused to sanction an assault to liberate Nazi-occupied Jersey during the Second World War because he didn’t think it was worth the military risk. Life on the abandoned Channel Islands is the setting for Another Mother’s Son, which tells the true story of unsung heroine Louisa Gould. Having just lost a son in the conflict, Louisa (Seagrove) takes in an escaped Russian prisoner of war (Kostov) and then claims him as her own son. In spite of obvious dangers, she remains confident the island’s close-knit community will protect her and her new family member. As the solidarity of the island wavers in the face of oppression and divided loyalty, Louisa fights to preserve her family’s sense of humanity. Director Christopher Menaul (The Forsyte Saga) delivers an affecting, highly watchable moral drama. Contains moderate violence and gruesome images.
18th June - 2:15pm

​Director: Bill Condon.
Starring: Emma Watson, Luke Evans, Stanley Tucci, Ian McKellen.

Back in 1991, the Walt Disney Company released Beauty And The Beast, an exquisitely drawn feature animation that became a gargantuan hit. So who better to breathe new life into the beloved fairy tale – with its very modern message of not judging people by their appearance – in a live-action telling than the studio that made it a movie classic in the first place? Get ready to be wowed all over again.
27th May - 3:00pm
29th May - 2:15pm
30th May - 2:45pm
31st May - 3:45pm
1st June - 3:45pm

​​​​Director: Tom McGrath.
Voices: Miles Christopher Bakshi, Alec Baldwin, Lisa Kudrow.

For seven idyllic years, Tim (Bakshi) has enjoyed the perfect life with his adoring parents (Kimmel and Kudrow). Then his new baby brother arrives. And he’s a very unusual baby indeed: he wears a suit, carries a briefcase and talks with the voice of Alec Baldwin. Tim is the only one not amused, but the two warring siblings reluctantly team up to foil a dastardly plot involving puppies. Expect poop jokes.
23rd June - 6:00pm
24th June - 8:15pm
25th June - 7:30pm
26th June - 6:00pm
27th June - 2:00pm & 5:00pm
28th June - 5:00pm
29th June - 8:15pm

​​​​​Director: Jonathan Teplitzky.
Starring: Brian Cox, Miranda Richardson, John Slattery, James Purefoy, Ella Purnell.

June 1944. In the days before the Normandy landings, allied forces stand on the brink of invasion, but one man stands in their way: Winston Churchill. Drained by years of war and plagued by depression, Churchill (Cox) is a shadow of the hero who resisted the Blitzkrieg.  His uncertainty clashes with the gung-ho resolve of his political opponents. His fear: repeating deadly past mistakes and going down in history as an architect of slaughter if the campaign fails. Only the support of his headstrong wife Clementine (Richardson) can halt his physical and mental collapse. Churchill is the untold story of the dark side of Britain’s most celebrated leader, revealing the haunted frailty behind the rousing speeches and his vital relationship with ‘Clemmie’, the confidant who inspired him to greatness.

24th June - 3:15pm
25th June - 2:45pm
2nd July - 2:45pm

​Director: David Bowers.
Starring: Jason Drucker,  Alicia Silverstone, Tome Everett Scott.

Wimpy kid Greg Heffler convinces his parents to take a road trip apparently to their grandmother’s 90th birthday. Really he is intent on attending a video game convention where, he feels sure, international stardom beckons. Jason Drucker takes over from Zachary Gordon in the franchise’s fourth instalment. Greg’s also got two new parents, Alicia Silverstone and Tom Everett Scot, and Charlie Wright as combative brother, Rodrick. 
2nd June - 8:15pm
4th June - 5:00pm
5th June - 6:00pm
8th June - 8:15pm

​Director: Zach Braff.
Starring: Morgan Freeman, Michael Caine, Alan Arkin.

When three retired pals (Arkin, Caine and Freeman) are robbed of their pensions by duplicitous ex-employers and their bankers, they decide to rob a bank to get even and recover their dignity. The actors’ comic timing, nuanced performances and a sharp-as-nails script make this a riotously entertaining film, underpinned by a serious commentary on growing old in a callous, capitalistic society. Contains infrequent strong language and drug misuse.
26th May - 8:45pm
27th May - 5:15pm
28th May - 1:45pm
29th May - 4:30pm
30th May - 5:00pm
31st May - 8:30pm
1st June - 8:30pm

​Director: James Gunn.
Starring: Chris Pratt, Zoe Saldana, Dave Bautista, Vin Diesel, Bradley Cooper.

The coolest ragtag bunch of a-holes in space are back with the fate of the cosmos resting on their shoulders once more. Because anyone can save the galaxy once. As they journey across the far reaches of the universe, the Guardians attempt to solve the mystery of Peter Quill’s (Pratt) parentage. On their travels, they cross paths with old foes, new faces and an enigmatic villain in Ayesha (Elizabeth Debicki), but their biggest battle might just be to keep their newfound family together. Zoe Saldana, Dave Bautista and Bradley Cooper reprise their roles as Gamora, Drax and Rocket respectively, while Vin Diesel returns to voice a very naïve and goofy baby Groot. Expect another humdinger of a soundtrack.
3rd June - 8:15pm

 ​Director: Alan G. Parker.

On 1 June 1967 The Beatles released what would become one of the biggest selling and most influential records of all time, Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band. This star-studded rockumentary offers a fascinating insight into the swinging sixties and the creation of one of the most important albums in pop history
 2nd June - 6:00pm
 5th June - 8:15pm
 6th June - 2:00pm
 8th June - 6:00pm

Director: Nick Hamm.
Starring: Colm Meaney,  Timothy Spall, John Hurt.
Having agreed – perhaps out of battle weariness – to attend a meeting brokered by the then British PM Tony Blair (Toby Stephens) in Scotland, lifelong political enemies Ian Paisley (Spall) and Martin McGuinness (Meaney) are forced to take a car journey together to get there. What neither politician knows, however, is that their car is bugged and their driver (Freddie Highmore) an MI5 plant, so that Blair and his chief spook (Hurt) can monitor their progress. Based on what would become 2006’s power-sharing agreement between Northern Ireland’s Republicans and the Unionists, Nick Hamm’s fascinating film reveals how Paisley and McGuinness gradually, and grudgingly, let their huge differences go. All the main players, especially Spall, are utterly convincing and the film itself suitably tense yet laced with dry humour. Contains infrequent strong language, footage of real riots and brief injury detail.
23rd June - 8:15pm
24th June - 5:30pm

Director: Guy Ritchie.
Starring: Charlie Hunnam, Jude Law,  Àstrid Bergès-Frisbey.

Guy Ritchie brings his dynamic style to the Excalibur myth. When Arthur’s father, King Uther, is murdered, the wicked Vortigern (Law) seizes the crown. Robbed of his birthright, Arthur (Hunnam) grows up the hard way on the Londinium streets until he draws the magic sword from its stone and discovers its power. Forced to acknowledge his true heritage, he must overcome his demons – and Vortigern – to take his rightful place on the throne. Contains infrequent strong language, moderate violence and threat.
30th June - 8:15pm
1st July - 3:15pm & 5:45pm
2nd July - 7:30pm
3rd July - 8:15pm
4th July - 7:30pm
5th July - 5:15pm
6th July - 6:00pm

​Director: Alex Kurtzman.
Starring: Tom Cruise,  Sofia Boutella, Annabelle Wallis.

The first instalment in the new Universal Monsters shared universe ushers in a new world of gods and monsters in spectacular fashion. Accompanied by shady military type Nick Morton (Cruise), scientist Jenny Halsey (Wallis) is flying the exhumed casket of the mummified Princess Ahmanet (Boutella) from Egypt to London when things start going horribly awry, unleashing untold terrors on modern-day civilisation.
30th June - 6:00pm
1st July - 8:15pm
2nd July - 5:00pm
3rd July - 6:00pm
4th July -2:00pm & 5:15pm
6th July - 8:30pm

​Director: Roger Michell.
Starring: Rachel Weisz, Sam Claflin, Iain Glen.

After health problems determine that he must spend his winters in warmer climates, Ambrose (Glen), a wealthy landowner and guardian to his orphaned cousin Philip (Claflin), heads to Italy. Years later, Philip receives a letter from Ambrose announcing that he has fallen in love with and married a distant relation, the eponymous Rachel (Weisz). Soon after, Philip learns that his guardian is dangerously ill, but by the time he arrives in Italy, Ambrose is dead and Rachel has left for England, bound for her deceased husband’s estate in Cornwall. Racked by suspicion, Philip confronts Rachel, but he soon finds himself falling under her spell. What is she? A femme fatale? A gold-digger? A tease? Thanks to skilled direction and first-rate performances, Roger Michell’s enticing period drama keeps the audience guessing throughout. Contains infrequent strong language and moderate sex.
2nd June - 4:15pm
3rd June - 2:00pm & 3:45pm
4th June - 3:15pm

​Director: Mark Baker.
Voices: Harley Bird, Morwenna Banks,  David Mitchell, Jo Brand.

Television’s most popular piglet goes on a series of boundary-pushing adventures, including visits to the Queen and to Australia. Created with fidgety little ’uns in mind, this isn’t a full-length feature, but nine brand new TV-length episodes linked together by bouncy sing-a-longs.
16th June - 6:00pm & 8:45pm
17th June - 2:45pm, 5:30pm & 8:15pm
18th June - 7:30pm
19th June - 8:15pm
20th June - 7:30pm
21st June - 8:30pm
22nd June - 4:15pm

​Directors: Joachim Rønning, Espen Sandberg.
Starring: Johnny Depp, Geoffrey Rush, Javier Bardem.

A down-on-his-luck Captain Jack Sparrow (Depp) is thrust into an all-new adventure when the hulking Captain Salazar (Bardem) escapes from the Devil’s Triangle with his deadly ghost sailors, hell-bent on eliminating every pirate from the seas. Obliged to make an awkward alliance with a beautiful young astronomer and a headstrong young seafarer, Jack also ropes in a few familiar faces on his quest for the Trident of Poseidon, his only hope of survival. Contains moderate fantasy action violence.
3rd June - 5:30pm
6th June - 7:30pm
13th June - 2:00pm

​Director: Terry George.
Starring: Oscar Isaac,  Christian Bale, Charlotte Le Bon.

During the dying days of the Ottoman Empire, a love triangle develops between an engaged Armenian medical student, a French-educated Armenian and a fiery American journalist. As war breaks out between Turkey and Armenia, the trio must put conflicting passions aside to escape the Ottoman army. Contains moderate violence and occasional bloody images.
19th June - 6:00pm
20th June - 2:00pm

​Director: Jim Sheridan.
Starring: Rooney Mara, Vanessa Redgrave, Theo James.

Director Jim Sheridan (My Left Foot, In The Name Of The Father) delivers a beautifully realised drama based on Sebastian Barry’s novel. It’s the story of Rose (Redgrave), the sole remaining inhabitant of a decrepit psychiatric hospital, who relives the tragic circumstances that sent her there. In the process we meet her younger self (Mara, never better) and a priest (James) who was complicit in her incarceration. Wonderful performances perfectly interpret Sheridan’s powerful script. Contains infrequent strong language, moderate sex and violence.
10th June - 6:00pm
11th June - 2:30pm
14th June - 8:30pm

​Director: Lone Scherfig.
Starring: Gemma Arterton, Sam Claflin, Bill Nighy, Richard E. Grant.

Lone Scherfig’s delightfully polite romantic comedy follows writer Catrin Cole (Arterton), who is hired by the British Ministry of Information during the Blitz to bring a female perspective to wartime propaganda films. Working with cynical producer Tom Buckley (Claflin), she battles with a less-than-promising story, constant rewrites, a beady-eyed supervisor and the disgruntled antics of a self-obsessed, fading thespian (Nighy) as she attempts to make a film that will lift the nation’s spirits. Contains infrequent strong language, moderate sex and injury detail.
7th June - 5:00pm
25th June - 5:00pm
26th June - 8:15pm
27th June - 7:15pm
29th June - 6:00pm

​Director: Roger Goldby.
Starring: Joan Collins, Pauline Collins.

An elderly former movie star and her downtrodden pal set off on an unlikely road trip to France. Joan Collins and Pauline Collins are sublimely entertaining in a fast-paced, bittersweet comedy that might be called a silver-haired Thelma & Louise. Contains infrequent strong language and drug misuse.
4th June - 7:15pm
6th June - 5:15pm

​Director: Gurinder Chadha.
Starring: Michael Gambon, Gillian Anderson, Hugh Bonneville.

​Hugh Bonneville and Gillian Anderson play Lord and Lady Mountbatten, charged by King George VI to oversee the peaceful transition of power from Britain to the India it had ruled for 300 years. Set in the Viceroy’s House in Delhi, drama escalates as Hindu, Sikh and Muslim differences threaten to overwhelm the Mountbattens, whose well-intentioned efforts are often sorely misplaced. Contains brief distressing images.
26th May - 6:00pm
27th May - 8:15pm
28th May - 4:45pm
29th May - 7:30pm
30th May - 8:00pm
​31st May - 6:00pm
1st June - 6:00pm
18th June - 5:00pm
20th June - 5:00pm
21st June - 6:00pm

​​​Director: Niki Caro.
Starring: Jessica Chastain, Johan Heldenbergh, Daniel Brühl.

Kiwi director Niki Caro tells the astonishing true story of Antonina Jabinski (Chastain, The Help) and her husband Jan (Heldenbergh), whose Warsaw zoo became a hub for the Polish underground resistance during the Nazi occupation of their homeland. After much of it is destroyed during the German invasion in 1939, their once thriving animal sanctuary is left at the mercy of the Reich’s chief zoologist (Brühl, Rush). Risking execution if caught, the Jabinskis use what remains as a front for resistance plans to smuggle hundreds of Jews away from the Warsaw Ghetto to safety. By turns moving, riveting and extraordinary, The Zookeeper’s Wife is yet another triumph for Chastain following her recent Oscar nods, but the entire film is something of an ensemble piece with exceptional performances across the board