The Foyer

In the old foyer, the ticket office was situated in front of three original lead windows. Our first goal was to unveil these to let some much needed natural light into the room.
To reveal the windows, we started by removing the old ticket admissions frontage. It began with a hammer and chisel...
We decided that the roof needed to be dropped to give us the best options for lighting.
Things started to feel finished the day that the piano arrived, of course not much work got done that day...
... But it wasn't long until the sledge hammer was out.
Originally the bar was made 6" too high so the whole thing had to be cut down.
We knew much more seating was needed but were undecided as to where or what we would use.
With the windows revealed, we decided the next priority was the roof, but not before a huge tidy up.
We decided the best option for seating was to create custom seats so thanks to a few sketches and CAD plans from Bryony, we now have unique sofas and swivel chairs.